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Xgimi is one of the most successful producers of the current beamer boom. After strong mini projectors, the Chinese company has once again caused a stir with the announcement of a 3-in-1 projector.

Known as the Xgimi Magic Lamp, the device combines a ceiling light, hi-fi sound system and short-throw projector in a compact housing. As innovative as the idea sounds, it’s almost old-fashioned in the Far East.

With Aladdin 1 (2018) and Aladdin (2020), Xgimi released two conceptually very similar devices that sold several hundred thousand units in Japan alone. So the concept has been proven.

Huge weight, discrete spatial integration

The 2022 revision of the Xgimi Magic Lamp has been revised in many details. The round case is relatively voluminous with a diameter of 47.5 cm and a height of 11.5 cm and a total weight of 6.3 kg.

Ceiling mounting of the Xgimi Magic Lamp
You hang the Magic Lamp on a mounting plate that is anchored in the ceiling and provides the flow of electricity between the fitting and the projector. (Photo: Xgimi)

This takes into account the massive ceiling mounting, which distinguishes the Xgimi Magic Lamp from other current projectors. Instead of standing on a tripod or table or hanging in the room with a mounting arm, the device fits as a discreet ceiling lamp.

From above, the integrated projector casts an image diagonal of up to 186 cm, depending on the distance from the projection surface. Xgimi’s engineers used all kinds of tricks to make it suitable for everyday use. You can move the image projection up or down up to 1 m and fine-tune it with the automatic keystone correction.

Xgimi Magic Lamp vertical image shift
You can move the Magic Lamp’s projector image vertically. (Photo: Xgimi)

Suitable for daylight and sonorous

Xgimi uses an LED light source and offers a native Full HD resolution of 1080p. So far so well known from many other manufacturers whose projectors only work really well in a darkened room.

The sound system of the Xgimi Magic Lamp
Xgimi installs a total of three speakers to enable rich surround sound. (Photo: Xgimi)

The “miracle lamp”, on the other hand, achieves a brightness of 1,200 ANSI lumens and is therefore also suitable for use in daylight in cloudy weather. Three Harman Kardon certified speakers with a total of 28 watts, which support the virtual surround format dts Virtual X, ensure a perfect sound.

Xgimi Magic Lamp
Dimensions: 47.5*47.5*11.5cm/ Weight: 1.6kg
Playback Technique: 1-chip DLP technology / Light source: LEDs / Lamp life: 70,000 hours
Solution: 1,920 * 1,080 pixels / Screen size: 93cm to 186cm / throw ratio: 0.7:1/ Contrast: after / Brightness: 1200 ANSI lumens; Ceiling lamp up to 3,000 lumen Corrections: auto leveling, auto keystone correction, autofocus / sound: Harman Kardon integrated stereo speaker (2×8 watts, 1×12 watts)
Operating system: Android TV 9.0 / App Store: Yes / Side Load: unknown / Voice control: unknown
Connectivity: 1x USB-A; WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth 5.0, DLNA, Apple AirPlay
Energy consumption: unknown

In terms of hardware, the ceiling projector is even more powerful than the popular Xgimi Halo+ and Xgimi Elfin. At its heart is MediaTek’s MT9669 with four cores, each clocked at 1.9GHz. This processor is specially developed for projectors and uses 4 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory.

In combination with the Mali-G52 graphics unit, the projector can also receive 4K material – but calculates this up to the 1080p resolution.

Few connections and old software

We know Xgimi from our tests as a projector producer with a preference for modern Android TV and sufficient connections. However, the Magic Lamp only offers a USB 2.0 port for external media.

Sound through the Xgimi Maic Lamp
Music comes to the Magic Lamp via app, AirPlay or DLNA. (Photo: Xgimi)

You will not find an HDMI connection, movies and music come to the Magic Lamp via Apple AirPlay, DLNA or a streaming app. To ensure that high-resolution material reaches the screen without stuttering, the Magic Lamp supports both legacy 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks using the 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards.

On the software side, the Magic Lamp comes with a pre-installed Android TV in version 9.0 and thus is already obsolete (currently Android TV would be version 12). It is unknown if there will be a system upgrade. However, the programmers took the user interface and placed their own interface – called INUI – over it.

Ceiling lamp relies on app control

The Magic Lamp is not only a projector, but also a ceiling lamp. You can install them just like any other lamp, so plug them into the three-wire lamp cord that comes out of the ceiling and carries 220 volts. You lead the wires through the mounting plate to the power supply of the Magic Lamp.

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You control the light function via your own app instead of the room light switch – whether that is an advantage or a disadvantage, you have to decide for yourself. According to our research, there is no Hue compatibility, Xgimi relies on its own control app. Here you can set the brightness up to 3,000 lumens, color temperature and set timers.

Fair price, exclusive in the Far East

The bottom line is that the Xgimi Magic Lamp is an attractive short-range projector with innovative ceiling mounting and daylight suitability in cloudy conditions. Xgimi would ask for a reasonable amount of 1,160 euros for this device. “Dignity” because the projector has only been announced for China so far and a European release is not currently planned.

At EURONICS you will find projectors from different brands, including Xgimi.

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