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Microsoft has that September update released for Xbox. This includes many new features and improvements. In addition to the general gaming experience, you also have your eye on the new Elite Wireless Controller.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2 is available today. With a price of 129.99 euros, it is not a cheap undertaking. Microsoft is eager for more personalization and this is offered, among other things, with a controller that can change the color of the Xbox button. The adjustments can be made with the current version of the Xbox Accessories app and the Xbox September Update via Windows PC or Xbox console.

The library on Xbox consoles has also been revised. This should now allow even easier access to games and apps. For this, the display of my games and apps has been redesigned. It also easily shows you all the games you can access with a current Xbox subscription, including Game Pass and EA Access and Games with Gold.

In addition, the storage location for games and apps can now be selected, for example if you use external drives.

For each recording, the Xbox Game Bar integrates a link to share the recordings, for example via social media or a messaging service.

In the party chat on Xbox One consoles or PCs with Windows 10 or 11, there should be less unwanted noise in the future. The noise cancellation will help remove sounds like gamepad clicking, breath sounds, and party background noises – hopefully this will include sounds from various snacks as well. You still have the option to turn on the background sound, for example for music in the background. There are corresponding options in the “Parties and Chats” area.

Hosting parties is now easier too. To do this, introduce a new “Start Party” button in the Xbox app. Games no longer have to be created from scratch. From the Social tab, you will see the Parties option, which lists all the latest games and also allows you to restart them. Alternatively, you can also create a new party there and invite friends.

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