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Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, dreams of a time when you can easily delegate game quality assurance to artificial intelligence. That would not only save personnel costs, but also mean that you could search for bugs in games much more extensively and reliably.

Booty explains that modern games are becoming more complex, which also leaves more room for undetected errors. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to test the titles so extensively before launch that nothing comes through. We all know this: current games usually get a day-one patch when they are released, and then more updates usually follow, only gradually eliminating the bugs. Of course, some games are more sophisticated than others.

According to Booty he has already held talks with AI researchers at Microsoft to work on such an artificial intelligence for game quality assurance. Games are much more complex than eg B. Movies: When the makers of a movie re-edit the ending, it usually doesn’t affect the beginning. But in a game, changing a small object can affect some processes in the background. Therefore, over time you only need automatic testing procedures to keep up with the complexity of the games.

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