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Manufacturer Asus shows a very special highlight at the stand in Berlin: the world’s first 17-inch, foldable laptop. […]

The 17-inch foldable can be used in two different positions: as a 17-inch tablet and as a 12.5-inch convertible. The XXL foldable comes with a matching keyboard (source: db/

Following the motto “the bigger the better”, manufacturer Asus will launch it at IFA 2022 Zenbook 17-way OLED (Dimensions: 37.9 × 28.8 × 0.9-1.3 cm, W × H × D). Special: This Zenbook is the first folding model of this size. And it can also be used in two different ways. As a 17-inch tablet and as a 12.5-inch convertible. The XXL foldable comes with a matching keyboard.

The 17-inch, foldable laptop on the stand at IFA 2022
Source: db/

Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED: no kinks in the look

The 1.5 kg model (weight without keyboard) is equipped with an Intel processor Core i7-1250U (clock: 1.1 GHz) of the latest 12th generation. The CPU is supported by a working memory of 16 GB.

Asus specifies the size of usable memory as 1 terabyte. The screen diagonal of the unfolded OLED panel measures 17.3 inches (43.9 cm), the resolution is 2560 × 1920 pixels (aspect ratio: 4:3).

Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED
Source: db/

The battery life in tablet mode, ie fully open, is 8.5 hours. If the device is used in laptop mode (12.5 inch), it will be extended to 9.5 hours.

availability and price

The price for the Zenbook 17 Fold Oled is around 3699 euros. The exact launch date for Europe was not given, but should follow in October.

PCtip means:: A clever idea from Asus that gives the user plenty of space to use the Zenbook as an XXL tablet or as a classic convertible with a physical keyboard. However, the manufacturer should think again about the price.

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