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Withings is known for its broad portfolio of smart health gadgets. In addition to scales, there are also watches with fitness tracking, sleep trackers, blood pressure monitors and, among other things, a fever thermometer. The new health service Health+ and the new Body Comp scales were presented at IFA. The corona pandemic, inflation and the shortage of semiconductors have also left their mark on Withings. After several price increases in the tech segment, which is very popular among other things with the PlayStation 5, you get in line and increase your prices. In general, however, not for all products, but only for some.

If you want to use various Withings gadgets, you should probably do so in the near future. On September 19, Withings will increase the price of some devices. The cost of raw materials and electronic components has risen since the Covid-19 pandemic, and transportation is also becoming significantly more expensive, the company said.

This can be seen in components such as the microcontroller in the Body Cardio: a price increase of 20 percent and 200 percent in transport costs. The shortage of semiconductors also leaves its mark on Withings and says it will last at least until next year. Withings therefore feels compelled to raise prices. However, only for the following devices: Body Cardio, Sleep Analyzer, BPM Connect and the ScanWatch 38mm models.

For example, the price of the Body Cardio increases from 149.95 euros to 179.95 euros. That Scanwatch will be 20 euros more expensive (now: 279.95 euros, then: 299.95 euros). In the future, the blood pressure monitor will be available for 129.95 euros instead of 99.95 euros. With the sleep tracker for the mattress, the Sleep Analyzer, the price goes up from 129.95 euros to 149.95 euros.

Withings price increase as of September 19

  • body cardio
    • for: 149.95 euros
    • afterwards: 179.95 euros (+30 euros)
  • Sleep analyzer
    • for: 129.95 euros
    • afterwards: 149.95 euros (+20 euros)
  • BPM Connect
    • for: 99.95 euros
    • afterwards: 129.95 euros (+30 euros)
  • ScanWatch 38mm models
    • for: 279.95 euros
    • afterwards: 299.95 euros (+20 euros)

They want to pass the price increase on to the customers, so that they can continue to guarantee the quality they are used to.

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