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Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of the Interior presented a very special challenge as part of gamescom: tackling climate change. You want to motivate everyone to make their own contribution and therefore launches the app “Climate Buddy”. It is intended to help save CO? and is available for iOS and Android devices App Store and with google play free to download. With the app, “The Länd” wants to raise awareness about climate protection.

Like various other solutions, the Climate Buddy calculates your personal CO? footprint and gives tips to make your daily life more climate-friendly. There is also a lot of information about the problem area of ​​climate change and CO2 compensation. The app was developed by the Ministry of Digitization in collaboration with the Climate Protection Foundation Baden-Württemberg and other ministries.

The app differs from the classic CO? calculator in that it is a fun way to calculate CO? motivated. For example, missions are rewarded with points. These can be used to design the climate buddy in the shape of a long-eared owl. You want to motivate instead of patronize.

The app cost 215,000 euros for development, maintenance and care. The technical implementation of the app was carried out by the Karlsruhe company GmbH, which specializes in gamification. It is certainly questionable whether there would not have been a more sensible contribution to climate protection at these costs. The app itself does not collect any personal data and thus the game progress and missions are only saved on the corresponding smartphone.

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