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Higher river levels after persistent rain in southern Germany

Changeable weather: clouds pass the sky above the Bavarian church of Wilparting in Irschenberg.  Photo: Uwe Lein/d

Changeable weather: clouds pass the sky above the Bavarian church of Wilparting in Irschenberg. photo

© Uwe Lein/dpa

With the heavy rainfall in southern Germany, it was not as bad as feared for the time being. But many rivers and streams are flowing properly again. In the Rhine, on the other hand, low tide is announced.

First too little rain, then in some places even too much: In southern Bavaria, heavy, persistent rain on Saturday night caused the rivers to swell considerably. The German Weather Service (DWD) also warned about heavy rain in the southeast of the Free State around noon. There can still fall 80 liters per square meter.

More water in Bavaria’s rivers

Especially in the smaller southern tributaries of the upper Danube, the Altmühl, in the upper reaches of the Iller and Lech, the tributaries of Lake Constance and in the Inn area, higher water levels were recorded on Saturday, as reported by the Bavarian flood intelligence service. “On medium and larger rivers, which are observed by the level measurement points with reporting levels, the amounts of rain have only occasionally resulted in flooding until now.” However, due to the dynamic weather development, flooding is difficult to predict.

The region from Swabia to Lake Constance, the Allgäu and parts of Upper Bavaria were particularly affected by the heavy rainfall. In some cases more than 100 liters per square meter fell, in some places the usual monthly total. However, the effects have been minor, as the precipitation deficit in recent months has caused most rivers and streams to experience low water levels.

By contrast, the water level on the Rhine remained low on Saturday. In Cologne, the level was measured at 74 centimeters in the morning, one centimeter less than the day before (5:00 am). The historic low in 2018 was 69 centimeters.

No major operations in bad weather in Germany

There were no major storm operations in the morning, police said. In Lower Bavaria, aquaplaning occurred on some national roads. No one was seriously injured in the accident, according to police.

Severe storms had already occurred in other European countries on Thursday and Friday – some with fatal consequences. In Austria alone, five people died from fallen trees and at least 11 others were injured. In Vorarlberg there were again flooding and significant traffic congestion on Saturday evening.

Quiet start to the week in sight

For Germany, individual showers will fall in the southeast and northwest on Sunday, according to the DWD. Short thunderstorms in the afternoon cannot be ruled out in the northwest. Otherwise it usually stays dry. Temperatures rise to 23 to 29 degrees.

At the start of the week on Monday, it could still rain occasionally in Lower Bavaria and Upper Lusatia. Otherwise it will remain partly cloudy, partly friendly for longer. In the southeast, values ​​of around 23 degrees are expected, otherwise temperatures can reach 26 to 30 degrees.

According to the meteorologists, Tuesday will move from the west to the center to heavy clouds. Occasionally there is some rain. Otherwise it will remain clear to cloudy and temperatures will rise to 26 to 30 degrees.


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