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Watch the video: Study proves that sharks swim near the beach more often than expected.

STORY: Interesting University of Miami research on sharks. According to the research, sharks behave very differently than, for example, predators that live on land. While the animals tend to avoid humans and their settlements on land, the US researchers found that sharks in Florida are very common on crowded beaches. What sounds very scary at first glance offers interesting information at second glance, as Neil Hammerschlag, head of the shark research program at the University of Miami, explains: “Oh yeah, these sharks swim along the coast to areas where people bathe. maybe that makes me a little nervous, it proves to me that sharks don’t attack humans and they really tolerate humans. We even have drone footage of people on the beach in Miami who didn’t know there were sharks swimming around them, what a It was pretty crazy spectacle. But it just goes to show that humans aren’t on the sharks’ menu.” It’s actually the other way around, namely that sharks are always victims of fishermen casting their rods off the coast. Humans threaten sharks more than sharks threaten humans. For the research work, three different species of sharks were equipped with small transmitters that emit ultrasonic sounds. They were bull sharks, nurse sharks and great hammerhead sharks. The scientists then placed appropriate receivers to collect the appropriate data underwater off the coast of Florida.

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