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Last month, Nothing presented its first smartphone, the telephone (1). I really liked the hardware in the review, but I could also praise the software, which is very similar to the Android experience on the Pixel smartphones. Also commendable is that there have been a number of updates since its release with bug fixes, as well as new features and minor improvements. Enough praise, some (including myself) complained about it. It was already curious that Nothing completed the launch of the smartphone with Android 12 just a few weeks before the release of Android 13. Same game with OnePlus with the 10T. Android 13 counts as one of the three updates of the update guarantee for both manufacturers. Android 13 is now official, so what does the phone (1) offer?

We are always working hard to improve the Phone 1 user experience. To ensure this, regular operating system updates are made available for download. Android 13 will be available to Phone 1 users in the first half of 2023. Before the release, we want to match the software upgrade with the hardware of Nothing. We will certainly keep you informed with more information.

Well, there is certainly something to complain about. Because so far, the phone (1) is the only smartphone in the manufacturer’s portfolio. However, Android 13 will not be available until next year. The Android Authority confirmed “the first half of 2023” for the new Android update. That’s a bit flimsy, also against the background that Nothing OS is very much based on the pixel experience and comes along without a lot of frills and the need for changes.

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