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Projectors promised Hollywood at home for years, but were usually too expensive. However, the new generation of mini projectors is cheap and technically well positioned. We introduce you to three current compact projector models.

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In the trend blog, a cheap trio of projectors were put to the test:

Daniël and Sven tell in the podcast where the strengths and weaknesses lie. But so far in advance: Despite their low price, the projectors are great home theaters. The resolution is correct; the moving images are rich in contrast and fluid; the sound from the built-in speakers is powerful.

And does it just work like that?

The three projectors mentioned work “out of the box”. Just take it out of the box, align it on the wall, complete the initial setup in minutes and you can start enjoying the movies.

However, there are accessories that we recommend. On the one hand, a screen that is available from 16 euros. Bright colors come into their own much better on this and then the image is also “smooth” and not as coarse as on, for example, wood chip wallpaper.

For Xgimi Elfin and Halo+, we also recommend a tripod for flexible placement of the device in almost any location. This increases portability at home. For outdoor cinema you will need either a power bank for the Samsung the Freestyle or a power station like the Jackery Explorer 1000 that we tested.

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