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Watch the video: Poisoning and wounds – these are the most dangerous sea creatures in the world.

Anyone who thinks sharks are the deadliest sea creatures is wrong. Because jellyfish and poisonous fish are more dangerous to humans than the large predatory fish.
The knowledge of the most dangerous sea creatures in the world is not a sensationalism, but an important enlightenment that, when in doubt, can save lives.
The most dangerous fish: the stonefish. Its perfect camouflage combined with poisonous spikes make it so dangerous.
In case of contact, the sting must be removed immediately and a special antidote must be injected, otherwise the poison can be fatal to humans.
It is mainly found in Asia and Eastern Australia.
Swimmers on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, on the other hand, often come into contact with him: the weever. The John Dory buries itself in the sand, is also almost invisible and has a strong poison. However, this is only fatal in exceptional cases.
Most and most of the fatal poisonings in humans are due to jellyfish. For example, one of the most venomous specimens is the sea wasp, which is native to Northern Australia.
Contact with sea wasp nettle venom can be deadly within minutes. In case of poisoning, immediately call an ambulance and rinse the wounds with vinegar if possible. Never use fresh water or alcohol.

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