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Thomas “Icke” Haessler
His fans give him strength

Thomas Hässler complained of amnesia.

Thomas Hässler complained of amnesia.

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No one currently knows exactly what Thomas Häßler is suffering from. However, he is combative – and thanks the fans.

Both the former professional football player and European and world champion Thomas “Icke” Häßler (56) have to give up his trainer position at BFC Preussen for the time being due to a previously unknown illness. He thanks him on Instagram for active participation. “Thanks everyone for the recovery wishes,” Hässler wrote to his fans, posting a photo of him beaming at the camera. “It gives me strength and I hope to be back to my old self soon.” He uses the hashtag #comebackstronger, among other things, and declares that he wants to come back stronger than before.

A second photo shows Hässler with a gift basket and Pierre Seiffert, the sporting director of BFC Preussen. “Thomas Häßler has a disease that nobody knows exactly what it is at the moment”, Seiffert had previously confirmed at a press conference. The doctors “turned Icke upside down” to find out exactly what was going on with the 56-year-old. “I think at some point he will get the evaluation.”

Earlier there were reports that Hässler complained of amnesia and tinnitus. Seiffert also confirmed this. The club wants to give Icke as much time as he needs to get better. After that, it will be considered whether he will return as a coach or in another capacity.

Thomas Häßler is “not terminally ill”

“Get well soon, dear Icke”, his former colleague Andi Brehme (61) wished on Instagram. In conversation with the newspaper “Bild”, says Hässler: that besides Brehme many other world champions from 1990 had reported to him, including Rudi Völler (62) and Pierre Littbarski (62).

With Häßler it is “going well under the circumstances”. He is “not terminally ill, but the causes are unfortunately still unclear”, the coach confirms. He spoke to many people and, among other things, “the word burnout” was mentioned. “I’m not afraid! I will fight and I will make it. Everything will be fine”, Hässler is sure. The evaluation of the studies is expected next week.


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