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In any case, Xiaomi has made some new products for the Chinese home market. There are, for example, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 and the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro in the tablet segment. Let’s see if these devices will hit the European market in a few weeks with a surprising launch event. But they also chatted about other concepts and projects. So about the CyberOne, a humanoid robot and they also talked about Xiaomi’s efforts in the field of autonomous driving.

Attempts to enter the auto industry were already made last year. According to Xiaomi, it aims to start building “intelligent electric vehicles” by 2024. A lot of money has been invested there too – some EUR 475 million is being invested in research and development and further investments are planned. A team of over 500, soon to be 600, is working on it now. In focus: Technologies for autonomous driving. In addition to sensors and chips, the software side will also play a major role. It takes a “full-stack approach” – hardware, software and other core areas from proprietary sources, so that the algorithms can be adapted to the needs of the user.

A first preview of how the technology is expected to be used on the road has already been demonstrated in the form of a video at a press conference. In addition to classic driving scenarios (turning off, roundabouts, driving downhill), innovative solutions for automatic parking were also announced. They conduct research into “reserved parking spaces” and also automatic charging with robots.

Xiaomi is currently testing the autonomous driving technology in a first phase with a fleet of 140 test vehicles. Various departments at Xiaomi also support the car team internally. These include the Xiaomi AI Lab, the XiaoAi AI Assistant Team and also the smartphone camera team. According to the company, the efforts (“market leader for smart electric vehicles”) for 2024 are great. It goes without saying that big tones are spit out. For the time being, the focus is probably only on the Chinese market, which is large enough – but the competition in the field of electromobility is not sleeping there either.

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