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The AI ​​tool LightOn Muse works not only with English, but also with four other languages ​​(French, German, Spanish, Italian). There should be 40 languages ​​by the end of 2023. The Muse API is free to test. […]


These are algorithms that can recognize, predict and generate texts in everyday and natural language. In fact, the user only needs to describe the task to be performed, as the model can directly interpret these instructions based on the “knowledge” it has acquired during its training.

Such models exist, but have hardly been used in Europe to date because they are available almost exclusively in English and are difficult and expensive to implement.

In addition to English, the French start-up LightOn now also offers large language models for French, German, Spanish and Italian.

LightOn makes these models available to all businesses, from SMBs to large corporations, and has developed the Muse API that anyone can try for free.

For more information about the Muse API, which is currently in public beta, see and the LightOn website here.

To the Muse Playground To use it, you need to pre-register or sign in with a Google or Microsoft account.

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