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From October 7, 600 euros is due if you want to buy the new LEGO model. the “Star Wars The Mandalorian Razor Crest“ has a total of 6,187 parts and is recommended for hobbyists aged 18 and over. The model is 72 cm long, 50 cm deep and 24 cm high. According to Lego, the “longest LEGO spaceship ever built” is 72 cm long.

The Razor Crest features detachable engines and a minifigure cockpit, escape pod and freezer chamber, plus minifigures featuring Grogu, Mandalorian, Mythrol and Kuiil characters on a buildable Blurrg model. Once built, you can display your creation with a stand and information board.

The Razor Crest is Din Djarin’s personal vehicle and its iconic silhouette is instantly recognisable. Now in LEGO form, it joins other vehicles in the LEGO Star Wars UCS line, including the Luke Skywalker Landspeeder and the Republic Gunship Set.

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