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The German network specialist AVM is stepping on the accelerator at the IFA: a new DECT telephone and repeater will be introduced. A smart radiator controller and the fiberglass Fritzbox 5590 are also part of the IFA offensive. […]

AVM steps up to gas at IFA 2022 (source: AVM)

With the Fritz!Fon X6 AVM launched its new DECT Eco mobile phone with HD telephony. Services for the e-mail service, Internet radio and a media player are integrated. Connected to a fritz box Internet radio streams can be played through the X6’s headset jack and the connected speakers/headphones. In addition, AVM also has convenience functions such as an answering machine or a weather forecast and a baby monitor.

x6 phone from AVM
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Guests can be brought into the guest network by showing a corresponding QR code. The advanced smart home function supported by the X6 can switch devices such as lamps.

Equipped with a 2.4″ color display, the telephone is operated via a lower illuminated 3 × 4 key matrix with associated numbers, above which are the familiar printheads for pick-up and hang-up or using the wheel to scroll through the screen. menu.

The device will be in stores in the coming weeks. The price should be 89 euros.

Fritz!Repeater 3000 AX: New middle class

Repeater Fritz!Repeater 3000 AX
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The new repeater Fritz!Repeater 3000 AX is a range extender with Wi-Fi 6 tri-band function. Two 5 GHz (4 × 4/2 × 2) and the older 2.4 GHz frequency band (2 × 2) are supported. All in all, the 3000 AX offers a bandwidth of up to 4200 Mbit/s (two 5 GHz bands: max. 2400 and 1200 Mbit/s; 2.4 GHz band: 600 Mbit/s), with either 5 GHz frequencies bands exclusively for backbone communication with a Fritzbox headquarters.

Furthermore, the mesh-compatible network node has two gigabit LAN ports on the back to connect end devices such as TVs, game consoles, NAS storage devices, etc.

Functionally, the model is directly based on its big brother, the Fritz!Repeater 6000 AX. That is to say: the device, which is available for a street price of 199 euros, is equipped with features such as a guest network or a timer.

Fritz!Box 5590 Fiber Optic: Accelerate

For anyone who can’t be fast enough, the network specialist is introducing the fiber optic 5590 variant. The router is designed for bandwidths of up to 10 Gbit/s. On the network side, Wi-Fi 6, 2.5 Gbit WAN/LAN and four Gbit LAN ports are supported.

Fritz!Box 5590
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All connections are attached to the back. The well-known telephone system, 2×USB 3.0 and extensive smart home functions are also part of the 5590 variant. The box is available from 240 euros.

Fritz!Box 5590 backside
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Fritz!Dect 302: radiator controller

Fritz!Dect 302 radiator controller
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When it comes to Smart Home, AVM follows up with a new radiator controller. The manufacturer wants to have the 302 model revised with regard to a more readable display, stricter operation and longer battery life.

According to the DECT-ULE standard, the device makes contact with the Fritzbox or another control panel that corresponds to the standard. The controller’s e-paper display is said to be particularly energy-efficient and the controller itself can be screwed onto standard radiator valves.

New is a boost function for fast heating, the push-mail function, which the model supports, informs the user about the battery status and the current wireless connection.

The device itself is set up at the push of a button using the Fritz!Box. The price of the thermostat is around 65 euros.

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