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On Tuesday 5 July 2022 there will be a webinar for participants in the Cyber ​​Security Alliance (ACS) instead. In the webinar I show how websites can be effectively protected against attacks with simple means. Among other things, the Content Security Policy (CSP) is discussed. But Google Analytics also plays a role in the fight against hackers. As an ACS partner, my company hosts the webinar.

Only members of the ACS can participate. Participation in the ACS is possible via the “Register” button at the bottom of the article. Membership to the ACS is free and offers a number of benefits:

  • Completely free membership (at least I’m not aware of any fees)
  • Regular (usually free) offers from ACS partners
  • ACS Member List
  • ACS membership status as logo for the website

The webinar is titled “Protecting websites from attacks”.

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Corporate websites are exposed to a wide audience. This results in numerous threats. The online seminar discusses these threats and identifies defense options.

Because websites in themselves are so public and easy to find, attackers can even automatically identify victims and exploit known vulnerabilities. The threats mainly include mass denial of service calls, scripting attacks, credential capture, and data theft. Many threats can be eliminated or significantly mitigated using simple technical measures. The biggest threats and some easy to implement and effective countermeasures will be discussed in the seminar. Not everything that is possible is also allowed. Practical examples show what to look out for (eg server log files, cookies to avert danger, simple web server configuration to avert danger, eg in Mozilla and with free tools).

In the webinar it is possible to ask questions. A discussion is also welcome.

Since the registration period on the ACS website has expired: If you are an ACS member (if not, become one) send me an email and I will register you.

Video conferencing software from a German provider is used to conduct the webinar. Installation is not required. The only requirements are a reasonably up-to-date browser and a speaker.

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