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Gadgets for Pet Owners
Removing cat hair: effective cleaning tips for upholstered furniture and textiles

Cats often leave hair on the couch

Cats often leave a lot of hair when they sleep

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On average, a cat sleeps or dozes about 15 hours a day – even longer in winter. Once she finds a cozy place that she particularly likes, she returns to it again and again. And you will see that at some point.

Cats don’t just spread their hair around the house, on furniture and textiles when they change coats: domestic cats can lose their hair all year round, depending on the breed. Some pet owners may not really be bothered by this, but many find the small tufts extremely annoying. Especially if their clothing or bedding is covered in cat hair. The good news, however, is that there are countless tips to get the furry problem under control. We tell you the best tricks.

Preventive measures: what can you do?

Regular grooming is the key to success so that your house tiger doesn’t spread its hair in tufts all over the apartment. Because even if cats wash themselves several times a day, they can’t get rid of their mountains of hair. To help trim your pet, you can use a cat brush or a cat comb use – preferably every day. Depending on whether your domestic tiger has a short or long, thin or dense coat, there are different care products (also for the undercoat). For the classic short-haired cat, which is widespread in Europe, there is one suitable Soft brush very good. It usually has thin, soft wire hairs. And don’t worry, most animals see manual grooming as a wellness treatment. If your cat still can’t handle a brush or comb, you can use a special one Rubber glove with studs use, which you gently stroke over the fur.

Removing cat hair: from (upholstered) furniture

Because cat hair adheres particularly well to upholstered furniture, it is correspondingly more difficult to remove. Technical gadgets with the necessary power can come in handy here, such as a special animal hair attachment for the vacuum cleaner. This variant from Navaris, for example, should be suitable for all models with a vacuum cleaner tube with a diameter of 32 to 35 millimeters. A smaller version (28 – 37mm) are also available. Alternatively, you can get a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner that has been specially developed for animal hair. Or you choose a completely new one Vacuum cleaner, which can also remove cat hair.

If you don’t want to upgrade technically, there’s still the good old ones lint roller – where the new models can do much more and are also sustainable (because they can be reused). They are just as suitable for upholstered furniture as they are for textiles, so clothing or bedding. This one pet hair remover for example, it even cleans itself: there is a special function for that that you have to operate by hand. The classic is even cheaper to buy here sticky roll, but it also produces more waste. After you have removed the cat hair, the fully bonded surfaces must be replaced with new rollers over and over (for a fee).

Removing cat hair: from textiles

The lint roller can also be used for a few cat hairs on clothing. However, if your clothes are really covered in tufts, for example because your house cat has been lying on them, you can use a simple trick – if you have a clothes dryer: before you wash your clothes in the washing machine, put them in the dryer for a few minutes and run it at the coldest level the unit has. The cat hair is blown out of the textiles (including towels and bedding) through the air. The clothes can then simply be cleaned. After washing, however, it makes less sense to put the clothes in the dryer, because the cat hair gets stuck in the fibers and is difficult to remove.

Important: After being in the dryer, be sure to remove the lint filter from the cat hair.

Gadgets for Pet Owners

If you don’t have a dryer, there’s another trick you can use to get cat hair out of your clothes: the so-called miracle brush. This is a brush with special bristles that are curved. This should easily remove animal hair, but also dirt from textiles. According to the manufacturer, the gadget is suitable not only for clothing, but also for upholstered furniture, carpets and cat beds.

There is also a practical gadget for upholstered furniture such as the sofa: the pet hair remover He has hardened rubber teeth, with the help of which cat hair should be removed more easily. The special thing is that each of the four edges can be used differently – this means that the device has four cleaning modes, which in combination should ensure a clean result. The ergonomic design also provides a comfortable grip in the hands.

Finally an ordinary one too rubber glove for cleaning, help remove cat hair from clothing and furniture. Dampen this first before ironing or circling the fabric with your smooth hand. The electrostatic attraction and rough surface make it easy to catch and remove tufts. It is best to stretch the textile beforehand, then it will work even better.

And one last tip:
It may sound very banal, but flying cat hair can really be reduced if you vacuum the apartment regularly – ideally even several times a week when the fur changes.

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