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Hamburg and the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Interior a digital pilot project Started: In the future, most Hamburgers will be able to digitally register their new address if they want to after moving within Hamburg. The pilot project is gradually being expanded and will gradually be available throughout Germany.

The new electronic residence registration (eWA) offers an alternative to going to the government. The entire registration process can be done legally anywhere. Unlike the re-registration at the office, there are no costs involved online. In the beginning, however, there are significant limitations: the offer is initially only aimed at unmarried people without minor children who move within Hamburg. All registrations in new main or single apartments are possible.

The technical requirements for using the online service are an ID card with an activated online ID function, a user account with a mailbox and the ID card app2. EU citizens and members of the European Economic Area can use the service with an eID card. After the end of the pilot phase, relocation with a change of location, i.e. to another city or municipality, will be possible in 2023 – as well as the registration and re-registration of families and other user groups.

The re-registration then works roughly as follows: Anyone who moves house authenticates with the online identification function of his ID card or with his eID card. The person then has access to the data previously stored in the population register, can check it and enter the new address. It is no longer necessary to provide a confirmation from the landlord. Instead, citizens will receive a code that will be mailed to the new address. The code allows you to download the electronic registration confirmation. An electronic seal supposedly makes the document fraud-proof. The new data from the population register can now be transferred with an app to the chip in the identity card or eID card. A smartphone is sufficient for this. The address label for the ID comes in the mail.

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