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The Refurbed business model, which has already been successfully tested in the consumer market, will also be offered to B2B customers from September. This will allow companies to buy new, i.e. refurbished business laptops, smartphones or tablets in the future, up to 40 percent cheaper than new devices. […]

Refurbed Co-founder Peter Windischhofer (c) Refurbed
Refurbed Co-founder Peter Windischhofer (c) Refurbed

What has arrived in many minds as a new category of consumption in the private sector should now also become a matter of course in Austrian companies: laptops and smartphones refurbished by professionals should also be given a second life in business in the future, allowing Austrian companies not only save up to 40 percent in investment costs, but also to achieve their sustainability goals more easily. Refurbishment reduces unnecessary e-waste and up to 70 percent CO2-Emissions – compared to a new purchase – avoided.

New for companies: Refurbed as a direct contract partner

However, there is one major innovation in Refurbed’s new sales model: Unlike private customers, where the contract is concluded between the customer and Refurbed dealers and the popular online marketplace acts as an interface, security and quality guarantee, this is different with the B2B -offer be: “Our team is the direct contract partner for all B2B customers and takes care of the entire process from the request to an individual quote to payment processing,” says co-founder Peter Windischhofer about the newly created structure at Refurbed. “Thanks to direct processing, we are able to individually respond to the IT needs of our business customers and to put together the best and cheapest offer for them. Our customers can decide for themselves which so-called ‘gradings’ they want for the products,” says Windischhofer about the new range. A diference is being made between:

  • A Rating – Excellent: Works like new, looks like new
  • B rating – Very good: works like new, may show minor signs of use
  • C Rating – Good: Works like new, may show significant signs of wear

The following applies to companies: The minimum order quantity is ten pieces and a one-year warranty applies to all products. In addition, companies can sell back business equipment that no longer needs Refurbed and thus return it to the raw material or product cycle.

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