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MemLab is a JavaScript memory control framework that automates the detection of memory leaks and is now open source by Meta. […]


Finding and fixing the root cause of memory leaks is important for delivering a high-quality user experience for web applications. MemLab was created to help Meta’s engineers and developers improve user experience and increase memory optimization.

Web application users often immediately notice performance and functional correctness issues. However, a memory leak is not immediately apparent as it consumes some memory, affects the entire web session and makes subsequent interactions slower and less responsive.

To help developers solve this problem, Meta created MemLab, a JavaScript memory testing framework that automates the detection of memory leaks and makes it easier to pinpoint the cause. At Meta, MemLab was used to contain unsustainable memory growth and identify memory leaks and opportunities for memory optimization in products and infrastructure.

Now MemLab was considered open source published on GitHub.

For more information see this blog post.

*Bernhard Lauer has been working on and preparing IT topics for decades as an author and editor – including for dotnetpro. He learned to program with the C64 and Basic. He covered the beginnings of Java, JavaScript, HTML, and .NET and has recently been working on Python, not least because it doesn’t need semicolons ;-).

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