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Firefox recently turned 100 (we mean version 100, of course) and has always been the underrated rival of Google Chrome, which has now also passed 100. In terms of global market shares for desktop browsers, the two seem almost worlds apart. And yet there are many reasons why you should give Firefox a try. There is one thing he is particularly good at: online data protection. You will be amazed at the built-in features that Firefox offers to make your browsing experience as smooth and secure as possible.

These are the eight key benefits by Firefox!

You probably know these cases when you suddenly hear noises somewhere in the background while surfing the web. The reason: Many websites have videos and other media that play automatically as soon as you load the page. The main disadvantage of these autoplay videos is that they consume bandwidth unnecessarily. Keep this in mind if you use connections with a limited data volume.

In Chrome, you can only block such websites if you install a third-party extension. Firefox, on the other hand, offers an automatic lock in its settings. Enabling this will mute audio playback by default. You can also specify websites (eg YouTube) where the autoplay of audio and video is blocked. You can find the option in Firefox Preferences under Privacy & Security > Permissions > AutoPlay.