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The new Gmail theme was announced a long time ago. According to Google, anyone who activates Google Chat in the settings can try it out today. Then you see the new look, the new sidebar gives you access to the rooms, chat and Google Meet, among other things. Here’s the whole thing in action:

Quick settings allow users to choose the apps they want to switch between on the left side of the window, whether it’s just Gmail or a combination of Gmail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet. For label enthusiasts, there are separate sections for system labels (such as Starred, Snoozed, and Important) and custom labels. And chat enthusiasts see balloons with snippets of incoming messages and quick reply options instead of opening the whole message.

In addition to the user interface, we continue to work on making Gmail even more powerful and customizable. For example, make it easier to find the message you’re looking for by bringing search chips to the inbox and improving search results that suggest the best match for a query.

Over the year, Google will offer an improved experience for tablet users, better emoji, new accessibility features, and much more.

If you use all this, you will of course get everything clearly under one roof. If you’re using Mail almost naked, the whole thing may be overloaded. I call myself a power user when it comes to email, have been using Gmail since the dawn of time and just don’t need it. Neither Meet, nor Chat or Spaces play a role in my private or professional world. Basically you could say: I really like Gmail on the web, but we still have a lot of catching up to do on mobile. And the fact that push is prevented for external customers is business understandable, but no less nonsense for users.

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