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Attention Windows 11 Insiders: There are new builds available for download. For the dev channel, this is the Insider Preview Build 25193, for the beta channel this is both build 22621.590 and build 22622.590. For the latter, there are no new features, but all kinds of bugs have been ironed out. You can see exactly what they are read here. Bugs have also been fixed in the new dev build, but there are also one or two new features to showcase here.

As part of this, Xbox subscription management can now be found in Settings. Of course, it only benefits you if I also have a subscription there or if I plan to do so one day. Here you can see, among other things, the recurring bills, the payment method and the games and benefits that come with your Xbox subscription. The subscription can also be managed and upgraded here, you can redeem gift cards and more.

Also new is that new braille displays and new braille input and output languages ​​are now supported in Narrator. These include APH Chameleon, the APH Mantis Q40, the NLS eReader and many more. Based on insider feedback, the option to share a local file directly to OneDrive via the built-in Windows sharing window has been disabled in the new build. This feature was first introduced in build 25163 for Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel. Here, however, one wants to iron out errors first and then hope to be able to activate the function again soon. You can see the detailed changelog for the new dev build read here.

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