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Microsoft warns of data loss in Windows 11

Current CPUs in combination with Windows 11 can lead to data loss – according to Microsoft. Current updates should prevent that.

Patch fixes CPU bug in Windows 11

An upcoming update (KB5016700) will fix CPU performance issues in Windows 11 related to sihost.exe.

Police have access to Ring and Nest cameras

The German police have access to the images from Nest and Ring cameras in “emergencies”. Other manufacturers are pushing for a court order.

Lawn Mowing Simulator donated by Epic

Lawn Mowing Simulator is currently available for free on the Epic Store. A free account with 2FA is required.

Amazon Prime is getting more expensive

Amazon raises prices. The Prime membership will then cost one euro more (€8.99) instead of €7.99. implementation this year.

Windows 11 patch destroys the start menu again

A current Windows 11 patch is now destroying the start menu for the third time. All patches have been rolled back from the system by Microsoft.

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