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In my opinion, with the Edge, Microsoft has made a good browser, which offers many features and is well integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem. But you have to be careful that Edge doesn’t get too full in the end and you have a tool that can eventually fall into the bloatware category. As Windows latest It has now been reported that the Windows version of the Edge will soon have a wallet feature that will allow you to manage your credit cards.

This is already possible to some extent, and Edge also recommends that you autofill it when you buy it. However, the separate wallet page would go one step further and be available only to US customers for now.

Microsoft does not appear to be collaborating directly with credit card providers on implementation, nor does it share data with other parties. However, they would plan to implement Bing’s voucher feature and automatically offer discounts if you want to buy something. You can also get money back through Bing Rebates.

The rollout of the feature is planned for later this year.

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