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LG has come up with something for the next kitchen party. A refrigerator called MoodUp was introduced. You can address it with its colour-changing LED door panels via an app and thus change the color of the panels. Through the LG ThinQ app, users can choose from 22 colors for the top door panel and 19 colors for the bottom door panel, changing the look of the refrigerator and their kitchen environment. Users can also customize the look of the panels and refresh the atmosphere by applying different color themes, including Season, Place, Mood and Pop.

There are also speakers on board that can be operated via bluetooth. Users can match their mood – or the current fridge color or theme – with songs from their favorite music streaming apps or from the Music Collection playlist in the ThinQ app. When the speaker is playing audio, the MoodUP’s LED panels can change color in sync with the music.

When the refrigerator door sensor detects that the refrigerator compartment has been left open for too long, the open door indicator flashes repeatedly to warn the user to close the door and prevent cold loss and unnecessary energy consumption. And when the MoodUP’s motion sensors detect someone approaching, both fields flash as a greeting.

Crazy, isn’t it? The smartest thing my LG side-by-side recently did was spit a screw out of the ice cube tray – right into my guest’s glass.

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