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Since an update was distributed this summer, Windows is (even) worse in German than before. […]


Do you also experience this phenomenon? You delete or rename a file on the desktop. Another right click opens a context menu as usual. But this recently offers «undo delete” or. “undo rename» on, instead of «undo delete” and “Undo rename».

Other undo and redo commands that appear in the context menu are also mixed up, e.g. B.”undo New” and “Undo», «repeat delete».

Apparently we’re not the only ones with the problem. in the MS Answers Forum a user also reported this concern. He also has the foreign language confusion via Feedback Hub reported to Microsoft.

Another example

The user who reported the bug is probably correct in assuming that the error in the «German Local Experience Package», which opens under Windows as a Microsoft Store app.

Even if it’s just a cosmetic issue, the flaw should of course be fixed. As always, the same applies here: wait and hope for the next update.

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