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The staff meeting can also be done in the café around the corner, or the university theses can be written in a much more relaxed way in the park or on the bench by the lake. However, the flexibility gained sometimes also entails risks. Insurance policies that are specially tailored to laptops and notebooks try to counteract these risks and minimize any damage.

When is insurance worth it?

Especially the light and thin laptop models contain the best technology, which of course has its price. For new and very expensive devices that are often on the road, such a laptop insurance is definitely worth it. Here, however, the various providers of this insurance must be carefully checked, so that the price-quality ratio is correct. The price range is approximately between 2.50 euros and 15 euros per month. A comparison is in order here.

What can I insure against?

Depending on the provider, different situations are covered by laptop insurance. This includes fall and breakage damage, weather conditions such as hail and storms, water and liquid damage and fire damage. Some insurance policies also cover damage from overvoltage and short circuits, as well as loss due to theft or robbery. Many providers insure laptops and notebooks up to a value of 5,000 euros. You should check the details carefully.

Does home insurance cover my laptop?

Home contents insurance covers damage if it occurs within your own four walls. However, this only applies to damage caused by water, for example a burst pipe, hail and storm, vandalism, burglary and fire and smoke. If you damage yourself, if you accidentally sit on your laptop and the screen breaks, or if you drop it, in most cases no insurance will cover the damage. The difference between laptop insurance and home contents insurance is that the latter only applies to your apartment or house. The contents insurance does not cover damage on the road, in the park or at the university. Laptop insurance, on the other hand, covers you if someone in a restaurant spills a drink on your laptop, or if your laptop is stolen while on the road.

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Which devices are also covered by the laptop insurance?

Other devices that can usually be protected with the same insurance are mobile phones and smartphones, as well as smartwatches, e-book readers and tablets. The maximum value of each device to be insured is set at 1,500 euros.

What else do I need to insure in the big city?

Especially in the urban jungle, many residents are now switching to bicycles. Not only students use the flexible means of transport, office employees, bankers and teachers also cycle to work quickly. Thousands of bicycles are stolen every year. Good insurance against bicycle theft pays off in many cases. The bicycle is usually part of the household effects and is included in the household contents insurance. However, the bicycle security must be specifically stated in the contract. However, the insurance only comes into effect in the event of theft or theft directly from your home. If your bicycle is stolen on the way, for example if it is parked at the metro station or in front of a shopping centre, your home contents insurance will not cover the damage. It is precisely in these cases that special bicycle insurance is effective. Depending on where you live and the region, the cost of bicycle insurance can vary. It pays to compare the prices of the providers. Each device must be listed separately so that insurance is active for all desired bikes. This is done quickly and easily via the Internet using the appropriate online forms and is effective immediately. From now on, your expensive jewelery is insured against theft, vandalism, flooding, moisture, falls and accidents. There are separate insurance policies for e-bikes. You have to take into account costs of around 60 euros per year if the purchase value is around 2,500 euros. For more expensive variants around 4,000 euros, the annual amount rises to around 100 euros. The insurance is usually valid for three years.

How do I take out such a laptop insurance?

You no longer need to go to an insurer’s branch to take out this and many other insurance policies. Everything is done quickly and easily via the internet. The contracts with all the important details can be found directly on the websites of the providers, so that you can study them well. It is also worthwhile to have a performance comparison of the various providers made in advance.


Insurance for laptops, notebooks or other similar electronic devices such as mobile phones, smartphones or e-book readers makes sense. In addition to safety measures when surfing the Internet, the security of the hardware should not be forgotten. Especially those who always have their laptop with them should get to know this option. This insurance covers theft, breakage, damage to property and water damage outside the home.

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