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Apple released a new beta of iOS and iPadOS 16 last night. Carsten was quick to say that the percentage display of the battery level on iPhones with a notch would return to the status bar. Apple put the whole thing aside for now with the iPhone X. But there are still a few things (via MacRumors) that were changed with the latest trial version.

If you want to find your iPhone in the “Where is?” app, it will make a new and louder sound. The same sound is also played if you want to search for iPhone via Apple Watch.

The music player on the lock screen gets a new little visualizer that reacts to the music.

If you want to set a lock screen wallpaper, the deep zoom option is no longer available. Let’s see if it comes back.

In the music app, information about Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio has crept right next to the genre and year of release.

When saving a screenshot, you will now also see an option to copy and delete. Very useful if you only need the image on the clipboard.

If you noticed anything else, please leave a comment.

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