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I recently tested the ILife Shinebot W400 on the blog. In the comments, some readers referred to the higher quality Shinebot W455. In contrast to the W400, this also has an accompanying app and can also navigate smarter thanks to the camera. However, the suction power and water capacity have remained the same, as has the general design. I will test if the Shinebot W455 can be a worthwhile purchase for you.

The ILife Shinebot W455 basically cleans in the same four steps as the W400: 1. It moistens the floor with fresh water. 2. He scrubs it with his roller. 3. It sucks up the dirty water. 4. He removes any residue with his scraper. But a companion app, ILifeHome, is also available. It allows you to define cleaning areas, make plans and also control the suction power.

Specifications ILife Shinebot W455

  • mop squeegee
  • Navigation: gyroscope plus camera
  • Suction power up to 1,000 pa
  • Fresh water tank capacity: 0.85 l
  • Waste water tank capacity: 0.9 l
  • Battery: 2,900 mAh
  • Running time: approx. 80 minutes
  • Charging time: approx. 300 minutes
  • Volume: maximum 70 dB
  • Price: about 230 euros

The Shinebot W455 also has three cleaning modes: In pad mode, it tries to clean the room as efficiently as possible. Then there’s the Area mode, which covers an area up to 25 x 25 square meters, and the Spot mode, for removing stubborn stains in a spiral pattern. The price in this case is: currently 230 euros at z. B. Geekmaxi (with the code “4usfpPnr”).

equipment and processing

The ILife Shinebot W455 also comes with a remote control if you don’t feel like pairing it with the app. It may look a bit retro, but it can certainly be enough for such a sweeping robot. Due to the larger battery capacity, the W455 lasts slightly longer on a single charge than the W400. Otherwise, you will discover many similarities here, such as the identical working volume and design.

Here too you can basically split the robot in two and then you have the fairly large tank unit and the actual machine in front of you. If you don’t like the control via the app or the remote, you can also start the cleaning process or change the mode with two buttons on the Shinebot W455. You will of course only receive a room plan via the app.

Like the W400, this robot moves through your cabin at a speed of 8 m per minute and can be operated via a remote control or the buttons on the top. In addition to the W455 and the aforementioned remote control including 2 AAA batteries, the delivery also includes a charging station with a suitable power supply, a cleaning brush and a user manual. The roller and filter can each be removed and replaced or washed out.

Again, I’ll mention it: The ILife Shinebot W455 is designed to be cleaned with water without detergent. If you use cleaning agents, they can leave residues and damage the device. Overall, I rate the finish as very similar to the W400: everything fits so far for the advertised price. The sweeping robot is not a piece of design, but the water tanks can be easily removed, filled or emptied and remain securely in place. The housing looks stable.

practice test

For cleaning, select a mode with the button on the vacuum cleaner, the remote control or the app: the pad mode sends the robot straight ahead. When it hits a wall, it turns 90° and continues cleaning. So this makes sense if you want to clean up a room. The other modes are more useful for isolated areas or places. Compared to the rather “dumb” Shinebot W400, the W455 navigates a bit smarter and sometimes finds its way through a hole that caused the W400 to turn around. Otherwise I quickly got a déjà vu.

The ILife Shinebot W455 also rattles on carpets unless they are a certain height. Smaller rugs won’t disturb the mop robot, but you might if it gets wet. So when the little helper goes on patrol, it is better to put aside all the carpets in advance. Here too, you must help after the tour at the latest. The W455 will not automatically return to the charging station. So you have to carry it back.

A helping hand has been announced anyway, because after every cleaning you have to clean the removable water tanks and the brush roller of the robot. Otherwise, unpleasant odors will develop very quickly. If I had complained about the Shinebot W400 being generally too generous with the fresh water, then this criticism no longer applies. You control the amount of water in the app.

The erasing results are otherwise identical to those of the W400. This means that the ILife Shinebot W455 clearly outperforms vacuum robots that only pull a wet cloth with them. But I look z. B. on the Ecovacs Deebot T9 AIVI with its vibrating mopping pads, then I’m not so sure. However, that model also plays in a different price range. Especially because the Shinebot W455 cleans more hygienically than conventional vacuum robots thanks to its two separate water tanks.

But since you can’t use a cleanser, there are drawbacks. Sugary orange juice leaves the floor sticky even after cleaning by the ILife Shinebot W455. Here I would still prefer a wet vacuum cleaner from Tineco, where you can use a cleaning solution and get better results. But you have to do it manually and pay significantly more.


The ILife Shinebot W455 offers some added value over the cheaper W400: app control, visual navigation, and features related to both aspects, such as map creation. The handling is very similar to the W400 and the sweeping results are good – but not close to Tineco’s or Jimmy’s wet vacuums. Especially since you have to hoist the robot onto the charging station after each cleaning process or clean the water tanks.

Despite this, the Shinebot W455 wipes much better than most vacuum robots and even removes coffee stains. Personally, however, I maintain that the combination of a wet vacuum cleaner and a vacuum robot is the more efficient – albeit more expensive – way for me. It’s always a question of what you want to invest in keeping your household clean as simply as possible.

I definitely prefer the W455 over the Shinebot W400. If you weigh the mentioned pros and cons for yourself and think about the purchase: The dealer Geekmaxi, who also supplied the sample for this test, currently offers the ILife Shinebot W455 for 230 euros (with the code “4usfpPnr”).

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