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The publication of the false Hitler diaries in 1983 was the greatest disaster of the… star-Story. In 2018, author Malte Herwig was able to listen to the recordings of the conversations between the buyer and the forger. They became the basis for the star-Podcast “Song as if Hitler”. Now the story can also be seen as a TV series on Vox.

“I found some relaxation painting nudes,” Führer’s hand wrote in the diary without a period or comma. “Works as often as time allows with drawing pad and pen.”

In July 1935, affairs of state again seemed demanding for Adolf Hitler. To compensate, he does not engage in trivial pursuits – a guide does not play golf! – but the most demanding, most beautiful art genre: the naked muse. At least that’s what the diary leader writes.

If Eva knew that, the reader thinks and learns in the next paragraph that the erotic graffiti in Hitler’s house actually caused problems. It says sheepishly, “I had a little fight with E.”

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