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Germans love their coffee

There is a curious statistic regarding the equipment with coffee machines. According to official statistics, there is even more than one coffee maker per household. The type of machine may come as a surprise to some. Classic filter coffee continues to dominate, with a share of 55.6%. Pad or capsule machines and fully automatic machines, on the other hand, represent only 32.3% and 22.1% respectively.

Refrigerators have become indispensable

Less surprising is the good equipment in our households with refrigerators and freezers. Apart from the coffee machines, these are the only devices of which we have more than one on average at home. In addition, the statistics show that there is 100% coverage. This means that there is actually a refrigerator in every household. Given the functionality, this is just as logical as the almost complete equipment with washing machines.

More electronics means more dangers

As useful as electronic devices are, they also pose a certain risk. Although short circuits and fires are rare today, they cannot be completely ruled out. Nevertheless, security measures have ensured that the ever-growing number can be managed without any problems. These safety measures include, for example, a circuit tester. This helps to ensure that the electrical circuit is switched off in time in the event of overheating and thus there is no risk of fire.

Laptops are part of the basic equipment

The development of mobile devices is interesting. While these were the exception at the turn of the millennium, today almost everyone has a laptop. The trend can be traced back to the increasing importance of devices in our daily lives. Not only the changed shopping behavior towards more online shopping, but also the increasing number of professions in this field contribute to the increase. Since some people even own multiple laptops, it’s worth considering laptop insurance.

Smartphones as a relatively new trend

Compared to laptops, smartphones are a much more recent development. Statistics on the ownership of such a device have only existed since 2018. However, here the value at 78% was significant from the start. The smartphone can also be the reason why the fixed telephone has lost its importance. Only 84.9% currently own the classic landline. In 1998 this figure was still over 96%, which is a good indication of the latest trends.

Also interesting is the fact that many people own more than one smartphone. As with laptops, the reason for this is that people are increasingly buying their own devices for work. It can also be assumed that the number will continue to increase in the coming years. There is currently no foreseeable end to the growth of electronic devices in our households.

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