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energy crisis
Federal Environment Agency: ventilation instead of air filters in schools

Air purifiers consume a lot of electricity - a problem in times of energy crisis.  Photo: Marijan Murat/dpa

Air purifiers consume a lot of electricity – a problem in times of energy crisis. photo

© Marijan Murat/dpa

Some schools have air filters to reduce the risk of corona contamination. Its usefulness is disputed. The Federal Environment Agency recommends the classic method – even at low temperatures.

In the energy crisis, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is calling for the use of mobile air filters in schools to be kept to an absolute minimum. “During the discussion on energy savings, it should be noted that mobile air purifiers do not consume insignificant amounts of electricity when in use and therefore their use should be limited to hygienically necessary situations,” said Heinz-Jörn Moriske, Director of the Federal Environmental Service. Agency, the German news agency.

A possible reduction of the room temperature to 19 degrees to save energy should not change or even minimize the ventilation behavior recommended by the office for the duration of the corona pandemic, according to the indoor air hygiene expert. “More use of portable air purifiers instead of ventilation at lower room temperatures is not a substitute, as air purifiers do not remove pollutants, including carbon dioxide, from the interior and do not contribute to ventilation success.”

Advice: ventilate the room three times an hour

The UBA recommends airing every twenty minutes. According to the experts, mobile air purifiers are not necessary where windows can be opened wide or air exchange is guaranteed by permanently installed air conditioning systems. They are described as “useful” where windows can only be tilted. Moriske spoke of an “add-on”, an extra measure.

Some states had invested heavily in the purchase of mobile air filters for schools, others had not. If the corona situation worsens again in the autumn, the discussion about using the devices to reduce infections will probably flare up again.


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