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Does SumUp tell you anything? The fintech provider has already appeared in the blog here, because they are collaborating with N26, for example. With SumUp Pay, SumUp is expanding its offering this week to the B2C payment area and now also offers an end-user payment tool for the first time. This digital wallet should therefore immediately attract customers with a bonus program.

You also learn more on the official site. The offer includes a virtual Mastercard, which you can top up with a saved bank card or bank transfer. The virtual Mastercard then allows you to pay for purchases and make transfers and withdrawals via Google Pay and Apple Pay. With the integrated bonus program, you receive bonus points for every euro you spend with the virtual SumUp Pay card. Payments at SumUp merchants are also rewarded. The points can then be redeemed at any local store that accepts payments with SumUp. So it is a loyalty program similar to Payback.

There is a secure one-click payment for SumUp merchants and payment works through SumUp QR codes by scanning through the app. You can also use SumUp Pay to send and receive money to friends. The SumUp Pay app is now available in Germany, UK and Italy the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store available for free. New customers will receive a starting credit of 10 euros after successful registration, to be spent at any SumUp dealer. The app also provides a view of the transactions made.

SumUp Pay is thus intended to promise customers bonus points and thus savings, while merchants may be able to market the loyalty program as added value for themselves. According to SumUp, there are no additional costs for companies. In recent years, SumUp has evolved its offering from proprietary card terminals to an ecosystem of e-commerce tools, billing and point-of-sale solutions. SumUp Pay would be the next logical step.

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