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If you own an Xperia 1 IV from Sony and you regularly play with the device, so that the device can sometimes reach its temperature limits, then the following new accessories for the device may be something for you: the Xperia stream. This is a clip-on fan that spans the entire device and is intended to provide the necessary air extraction and cooling. The price of the stream in Japan is the equivalent of about $162 and can already be pre-ordered there. However, deliveries will not start until October 14.

Also housed on the bottom of the cooler are a whole host of useful ports, reminiscent of the Asus Aero Cooler: USB-C for charging, HDMI for output to a capture card, a 3.5mm jack connection and also a RJ45 Port for a stable network connection. The speed of the fan can be controlled via the smartphone or directly on the device. And because the fan is basically an excellent addition to a bundle for mobile gamers, Sony sells that package as the “Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition” for the equivalent of about $1,330. The mobile phone therefore has 16 GB instead of the usual 12 GB of RAM. It’s currently unclear whether the fan or even the entire bundle will even appear nearby.

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