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Volkswagen has presented a concept/design study for an autonomous vehicle. The interior should be modular and reflect the “Mobility as a Service” strategy. In general, this is an e-vehicle that is self-driving after level 5. According to Volkswagen the Innovation Experience Vehicle (IEV) and the Gen.Travel design study offer a realistic perspective for the next decade of mobility.

Volkswagen now wants to test with test persons which features customers find most important in the modular interior. The research results are incorporated into the model, which will later actually go into mass production. The German automaker says the goal is to enable stress-free and emission-free driving for customers. Gen.Travel aims to achieve this through autonomous, electric driving.

The passenger has many options in the vehicle: work, entertainment, relax or spend time with family. Thanks to the modular structure of the interior, owners can arrange the interior in the right way for every trip. For example, a central table with four chairs could be used for business trips with several people. Dynamic lighting is designed to prevent motion sickness. Two seats can be converted into beds for night driving. For family outings, the front seats can then be adjusted for AR entertainment.

In the end it all sounds very exciting. Even the indoor lighting can be adjusted according to the time of day so that the body’s melatonin production adjusts for restful sleep or concentration. It will certainly take several years before Volkswagen’s Gen.Travel is converted into a real product. It will also be interesting to see what prices will be announced there. The fun probably won’t come cheap.

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