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The big Apple keynote starts tomorrow. Anker would like to use the moment to present new charging cables and a new power supply. Is this the unofficial confirmation of the Lightning connector and slightly faster charging on the iPhone 14? We shall see.

Everyone is talking about sustainability – thankfully. And Anker also wants to participate. With new charging cables. Sounds a bit counter-intuitive at first, when charging cables create additional electronic waste. But they are not exactly your everyday cables. Anker’s new “bio-cables” come with USB-C or Lightning connectors and are made from 40 percent plants. According to the manufacturer, maize and sugar beet are part of the cable. The aim is to contribute to the reduction of plastics – this does not affect stability.

A load of up to 80 kilograms and more than 20,000 bends is no problem, according to Anker. Does the new Lightning variant now also mean new Lightning smartphones? Let’s see, there are still plenty of Lightning devices on the market. The rumor mill only talks about the iPhone 15 with USB-C. Apple will likely continue to use its own connection. In terms of costs, the USB-C variant is cheaper from 17.99 euros than the Lightning Bio cable from 19.99 euros.

It looks different on the side of the power supply. USB-C has largely settled there. And the new Anker power supply also relies on USB-C. The Anker Nano 3 delivers a charging power of 30 watts. Anker’s power supply is characterized by its small dimensions (2.8 x 2.8 x 3.5 centimeters) thanks to the GaN technology. All kinds of sensors for temperature monitoring are back in the hardware (PowerIQ 3.0 & ActiveShield 2.0).

Cost of the new GaN power supply? 24.99 euros. The new models are available until September 19 with a 10 percent early bird discount. Both the power supply and the cables are available in different colors.

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