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For the 17th time, the renowned panel of experts from the Center for Enterprise Research at the University of Potsdam chose the “ERP Systems of the Year”. Asseco Solutions received an award. […]

Asseco board member Ralf Bachthaler (center) receives the prize from Prof. dr. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Gronau (left) and moderator Sandra Berndt (right). (c) Asseco Solutions AG

Affordable prices with the greatest possible individuality: the demands of today’s customers present manufacturers with a real dilemma. To solve this as well as possible, it is necessary to automate and optimize business processes as much as possible so that individual wishes can be realized economically. How well leading ERP solutions are doing in the market in this context, the Center for Enterprise Research (CERT) of the University of Potsdam examined this year during the award ceremony for the renowned “ERP System of the Year” in the category “ERP for series production with several variants”. The corresponding prize went to the ERP specialist Asseco Solutions from Karlsruhe.

“Individuality has become the key to successfully approaching customers,” explains Ralf Bachthaler, member of the board of directors of Asseco Solutions and responsible for sales. “In line with their experiences with consumer buying behaviour, today’s customers also expect flexibility and adaptability in the business context when processing their orders. For many series manufacturers, this increases the complexity of their previous processes: it is important to map more and more product variants efficiently – and ideally without compromising on profitability. With a host of specialized features, APplus is designed to enable just that for our customers.”

“We are extremely pleased to have been honored in this context by the expert jury of the Center for Enterprise Research – and with the highest total points in all categories this year -,” emphasizes Markus Haller, CEO of Asseco Solutions and responsible for technique. “It has always been our goal to be a pioneer of technology development in the ERP industry with APplus. For us, the award is both proof that we are on the right track and an incentive to continue on this path – by continuously evolving our solution with the latest technologies such as AI, to provide our customers with exactly the features and performance they need in today’s dynamic business world.”

Specific functionalities for demanding production processes

The APplus product configurator is at the heart of the multi-variant series production functions. This enables users to map even complex product logic consistently across the sales and production area. The PLM integration into the ERP solution in turn ensures homogeneous access to the development and production data. Bills of materials created in the CAD system are immediately available in production after approval. APplus supports the subsequent production processes from the start with its powerful detailed planning. The solution provides a forward-looking, holistic and detailed planning tool for managing a company’s entire supply chain.

The Asseco solution already uses innovative artificial intelligence to ensure that the necessary material for the desired variants is always available in sufficient quantity while at the same time making the procurement processes as efficient as possible – an aspect that the jury found particularly positive. The associated functionality allows, among other things, an optimal configuration of the storage parameters (scheduling type, minimum stock, order quantity, lot size, etc.) by calculating the ideal values ​​​​with the help of artificial intelligence. Realistic sales plans can also be made based on this, taking into account external data sources such as economic indices. If desired, routine processes such as recurring orders can be completely taken over by the APplus AI. In this way, companies are given the opportunity to relieve their users of routine activities and to create free capacity to handle special cases or exceptions.

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