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Amazon Prime video Of course, in some cases you can also stream in 4K with HDR10 or even HDR10+. However, the latter, dynamic HDR format, occupies a niche in direct comparison to Dolby Vision. First and foremost, HDR10+ is being pushed by Samsung. You could win Amazon as an important partner. But there seems to have been a reconsideration of the latter.

As a little background: Amazon released the “Bosch” series in 2016 with Dolby Vision support. However, from 2017, HDR10 and HDR10+ were largely used. The only exception worth noting is “Jack Ryan”. This was Amazon’s first series to feature the Dolby Atmos 3D sound format, which is probably why Dolby Vision was also taken right before the shot. Ultimately, Jack Ryan was marketed as a flagship series.

Excitingly, though, Dolby Vision is now returning to Amazon Prime Video: after a long dry spell, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is now available with Dolby Vision. In addition, the streaming provider has surprisingly upgraded “The Wheel of Time” with Dolby Vision. An agreement with Samsung may have expired. Whether Amazon could now add Dolby Vision to other content is currently open.

The colleagues had discovered by AFT News the new Dolby Vision content on Prime Video. However, support in the apps is probably still a bit confused at this point. I looked around for this: To the Amazon fire tv Cube probably already works with Dolby Vision. The same goes for the integrated apps on LG Smart TVs. However, other users have had no luck with an Apple TV 4K. So we have to wait and see how Amazon works. If you can’t use Dolby Vision for the content mentioned on Prime Video yet, then wait a little longer.

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