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The good piece costs almost a tenner and could therefore become an absolutely conceivable alternative to expensive Belkin or Apple mounts: the elephant card. It was designed by the same people who made it AirBell (a bicycle/scooter bell in which you can hide your AirTag) and serves as a holder for your iPhone with iOS 16. Why? Because the new system comes with functions such as Continuity Camera, Stage Light and Desk View, your iPhone can be used as a webcam alternative on your MacBook (with macOS Ventura), among other things.

The Elephant Card is made of stable polypropylene and should be able to hold all iPhone models. The little elephant ears are removed from the card, replaced at the bottom and from now on serve as holders on the screen. The rest of the card is for the back. Of course, if you have a 3D printer and a suitable model at home, you can print something yourself, but for just under 10 euros the rest can order a cheap alternative.

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