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Sadness, joy, envy, gratitude: sometimes it’s good to put things off. In the star Columns reveal to people what they love to say to others. Do you also have something on your mind? Write us a letter to: [email protected] (no more than 4,000 characters)

Editor: Tobias Schmitz

You were my savior. You saved my school days. saved me

I was so proud when I first started high school years ago. I was very curious about the new school. Unfortunately, my joy was soon spoiled. My class teacher, who taught Latin and physical education, frowned at me from day one. Because I wanted to apply for a monthly tram pass instead of walking 30 minutes to school every day. My teacher, unlike my mother, thought that was perfectly reasonable. From now on it went downhill.

My homeroom teacher was cold-blooded and strict

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