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According to a study by ClickMeeting, HomeOffice has transformed private living space. 69 percent of the respondents have already set up a suitable space at home for professional online communication. […]

Dominika Paciorkowska, CEO and Board Member of ClickMeeting: "Online meetings have become completely second nature and many of us are involved in the execution of our work." (c) Click Meeting
Dominika Paciorkowska, CEO and Board Member of ClickMeeting, said: “Online conferencing has become completely natural and many of us are involved in the conduct of our professional activities.” (c) Click Meeting

Home office and remote working have finally taken hold and changed working life. According to a survey by webinar and video conferencing specialist ClickMeeting, a third of those surveyed stated that their company had implemented official etiquette rules for virtual meetings. At the same time, more than half see an improvement in the behavior of participants in such meetings compared to the previous year. In addition, nearly 70 percent of the respondents had set up a suitable space at home for professional online communication or had the opportunity to use their own study. More than 50 percent of respondents use the virtual background feature, half regularly and the other half occasionally. 500 people in Europe took part in the study.

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“Online meetings have become completely second nature,” said Dominika Paciorkowska, CEO and board member of ClickMeeting. She points out that even 31 percent dressed elegantly in corresponding online meetings, while 39 percent preferred more casual attire. “These numbers underline,” says Paciorkowska, “that the approach to online meetings is becoming more professional and that participants take them as seriously as talking to their boss in an office conference room.”

60 percent of those surveyed pre-check the technology

More than half of those surveyed believe that the behavior of video conferencing and online meeting participants has improved over the past year. This is also apparent from other research results. According to the ClickMeeting study, 60 percent verify that the devices they use are working properly before starting an online session. 70 percent take notes, 69 percent put their smartphone on silent and 85 percent think it is important to be on time at the start and to stay in a meeting until the end.

Only 2 percent of respondents said they normally wear pajamas to online meetings. At the same time, 21 percent admit they interrupted a meeting because they forgot a required file or document.

A third of companies have implemented online etiquette rules

Last year, European company ClickMeeting conducted its first online etiquette survey. At the time, more than half of respondents said they expected rules for online professional meetings to be introduced. This year’s survey shows that companies have recognized this need: a third of them have already implemented such regulations.

The rules that are especially frequently set concern, for example, how the participants should indicate their desire to speak without disturbing others (17 percent). The ban on the use of smartphones and other devices in the background (16 percent), a dress code for online meetings (12 percent) and the form of greeting and farewell (13 percent) are also specified.

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