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1Password, the Canadian company behind the password manager of the same name, releases a new version with 1Password 8 for iOS and android devices. This version achieves even more functional parity between the desktop and mobile apps. The improvements include some innovations in productivity, security and design.

The mobile version of 1Password 8 released today takes into account direct customer feedback collected during the Early Access launches of 1Password 8 for iOS and Android earlier this year.

We’ve reported on 1Password over the course of development, but now we’ll recap:


  • Instant access to items: mark favorites, view recently created items, pin specific fields from a login, and more.
  • Quickly manage sensitive information: Login credentials and sensitive information are automatically created and stored in 1Password, allowing users to seamlessly enter passwords, credit card information, addresses, and more into apps and websites.
  • Provide search suggestions: 1Password automatically suggests possible matches when they enter search terms so users can quickly find what they need.

Security and privacy:

  • Updated notifications enable easy security updates: The new Watchtower dashboard provides alerts with actionable remediation suggestions and a holistic view of security risks and vulnerabilities.

Important Info: 1Password 7 will not be automatically upgraded to 1Password 8. You must do this manually. If you are using legacy 1Password without a subscription and need help migrating to 1Password 8, please contact support. In terms of price, everything remains the same for subscribers. 2.65 + taxes for a single subscription, 4.65 euros for a family subscription for 5 people per month with annual payment.

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